Have you ever felt transported while participating in an extraordinary experience?

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Our History

Our history is to take you away from the daily routine, offering you a journey through the flavors of our delicious cocktails while also enjoying a unique experience every single day of the week.


Oh no Lulu! aims to be friendly, innovative, and international. Our goal is to create the perfect conditions to offer you a truly extraordinary experience.

We challenge the traditions of standard bars. At our establishment, you will discover drinks and artisanal food that will delight your eyes and your taste buds.

So, transport yourself to one of our 3 distinct rooms that will immerse you in a first friendly and family space with our bartenders, in more intimate moment with your loved ones or to escape on the dance floor in the basement.

Embark on a journey into one of our three distinct rooms, each offering a unique experience: the first, a friendly and family-oriented space with our bartenders, the second, a more intimate setting for quality time with your loved ones, or the basement for an escape to the dance floor.





Discover the art of cocktails

We are constantly adapting to the latest trends in order to become an undeniable place of sharing, where experiences vary with the time of day and throughout the year.

Our establishment has an upscale cocktail lounge with a sophisticated bar and a dedicated event space in the basement.